High Blood Pressure and SALT

The demon

The demon

Having to have a medical procedure done called a colonoscopy one has to fast for a whole day prior to the procedure.  Being allowed to have clear fluids only.

There is only so many soda’s, coffee and tea that you can drink so I decided that powdered chicken stock would be a nice change.  So I  had up to 3 prior to the procedure.  It was such a nice satisfying tasty drink to have, so I added it to my diet.

My husband randomly checks his blood pressure.  One morning about a month later I was half smart and said I wanted to check mine as well, knowing that it would be the same old perfect pressure!  Well I was so wrong it had rocketed to 162/125 !!! Must be something wrong with the machine…I say!!  No….it was dead right!!!

Then it dawned on me “the chicken stock powder” loaded with SALT !!!  So I stopped having my new beverage immediately and my blood pressure returned to normal within a week.  What a scare, I was having maybe 2 drinks of stock a day.

My mother-in-law had high blood pressure.  She was just a tiny woman but obviously the big mistake she would make was pouring salt on all her meals.  I don’t think it really registers with people the affect that it actually has on them.  My mother-in-law was on medication for her HB.  She eventually had a stoke that left her disabled for 3 years prior to her death.  Should have listened to her doctor about the salt issue!!

99% of the foods that we eat are cooked from scratch.  I do use some salt in recipes that I cook, but salt is never added once the food is dished up, so we are never having an overload of it.

It was very cut and dried my bodies reaction to the addition of salt.  I’m sure most people don’t realize how “deadly” it can be !!

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The Mercury 24 May 2016

Since we have been gluten free, low carb, I have often made the comment that we are 10 years in front of the masses!  Well 14 years have now passed and the tide is only just really starting to take a turn (see above – The Mercury 24/5/2016)  Just feel so lucky that I had worked out our problem of health and weight issues.  At the time our GP just said that I had gained weight as I was getting older…..I was only 47, now at 61 I still feel better that I did then, so pleased I didn’t listen to him and continued on what should be considered a “normal” diet.  Eventually found a GP that was on the same wave length.

Since my last post a little over 2 years ago, much has happened – eldest daughter diagnosed with breast cancer, then once over that she broke her leg, welcomed another grandson, a trip to Hong Kong to visit our eldest son (great food) and now a husband that has Polymyalgia who is on high dose Prednisolone.  We were low carb, now we are pretty much no carb and he is also now dairy free the same as myself.  It has been a case of eliminating food that could cause inflammation in his system.

Expecting that he would gain weight on this drug,  he has actually lost 10kg and feels fantastic.  So it was really quite unexpected,  if he needs to snack he has been going for pistachio nuts (makes a bit of a mess…but I’ll get over it!)   He has continued working flat out and has also decided not to have any alcohol until he has recovered.

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Alkaline and acidic foods


I have never had the opportunity to eat totally alkaline foods previously, but to be away with no chores to do and leaving social life and work commitments at home it was a great experience……apart from swimming, snorkelling, sightseeing and a little shopping of course!

Now home and wishing to continue on high alkaline foods, I googled and found a chart of foods, which I have printed out and attached to the fridge with magnets.

Alkaline - acidic food chart

This I feel is a follow on for our diet of gluten free/low carbohydrate/higher protein, I feel fantastic!!   We will continue to eat meals that we love but with a larger emphasis on alkaline foods and less on the most acidic foods.

The nuts that we snack on now are  raw almonds.  Breakfast today was an omelette with stewed tomato and onion and a fresh juice from the combination of – lemon, apple, pineapple, carrot, cucumber, spinach, kale and parsley.

Eating alkaline and acidic foods is all about getting a “Healthy PH range for your body” – no different to balancing the PH in the water if you own a swimming pool.


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Raw foods

Well after trying for days at numerous Coles Supermarkets none of them in the city of Hobart have the pies that they were advertising on line!

Was I crabby…..yes, had promised the husband a nice bowl of homemade soup, meat pie, mash and peas!  After he got home from golf I couldn’t deliver.  Sent a complaint through to Coles but as yet have had no reply


Have been away for a week, due to return in next couple of days.  Lucky enough to have my daughter ask me if I would like to come to Phuket Thailand with her.  Having a wonderful time and enjoying raw meals as above.  Foods that my husband would not enjoy let alone eat, they are just amazing.  The sushi at the top does not contain rice it is actually pulped meat from a young coconut.

I wish I could roll sushi, have never been able to master it.  The bottom meal is Mango wraps, the wraps would be made from dehydrated mango…..so clever….so tasty and healthy.

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Coles Supermarkets gluten free products

GF Rissoles

I generally shop at Coles……its convenient and has most items I require.  Just picked up these rissoles the other day and it was a nice change after so many years to find a quick convenient meal that is gluten free (something I don’t have to make from scratch)  Coles really seem to be on the pace with gluten free products, they have had gluten free sausages for over 10 years and now nearly all their sausages are gluten free and now its wonderful to find gluten free rissoles. The rissoles were great on the BBQ.

It really is a case of being vigilant and reading and checking labels.  So many products that were gluten free are now being tagged as gluten free – it certainly helps the shopping process.

There is a brand called “Patties” that “were” making a great gluten free meat pie…..they were pretty good, not perfect….but pretty good, then they decided to “improve” their recipe, BIG mistake as when we reheated it the pastry was near impossible to cut with a knife!! An old saying “if its not broken – don’f fix it”

I just went on the Coles web site and checked out their gluten free products and went to frozen, they now have their own brand “Simply Gluten Free” supplying meat pies…. So I will be rushing in next week to check them out.   Just nice to have one occasionally :)




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So much has happened since my last blog, my life has changed again forever!!  a grandchild has been born, a lovely healthy little boy born to my youngest daughter and her husband in September, we just sooooo love him, such a delight.  Christmas has again taken on such a new meaning.

An easier Christmas dinner this year we didn’t go for the roast vegetables, just pinkeye new potatoes, salads, baked glazed ham and a boned rolled turkey with stuffing that I made with gluten free breadcrumbs, dried apricots and baked pine nuts.  My sister has given up on making a traditional Christmas Pudding as everyone just loves my gluten free Sago Plum Pudding (and it is just so easy to make). Had a memorable great day.


The above leaves is a little effort of one of my daughters, just so few leaves are needed to make up a lovely fresh salad.  No excuse not to have some fresh raw greens each day.  One of my favourite dressings for cooked or fresh greens is equal parts of – lemon juice, honey and seeded mustard…..so fresh!

We feel so blessed that we were smart enough never to get hooked on Statins for a “lifetime”.  The only benefits it has been concluded is to those that have already had a heart attack and that it is not a wonder drug for the rest of the population.

So much of the data that is taken is manipulated to suit.  We are so glad that we took control of our own health.  My husband was on Statins, he felt so poorly and was told by his GP of the day that his high cholesterol was hereditary and could not be changed by diet!!!  We changed our diet (did not go on a diet) to higher protein lower carbohydrate and gluten free AND my husband took himself off the Statins that he was on.

We lost weight, we felt 20 years younger, our cholesterol improved and our NEW GP said whatever your doing keep it up.  If you put the wrong fuel in your car it will not run properly, if you do not eat the right foods your body will not run properly either!

We now have a test done when we have a check up with our GP for Homocysteine levels which is the ability of the arteries to keep themselves clear which we have concluded is much more important than cholesterol levels themselves……no one makes any money out of this one, which to me is why there is such a push to lower cholesterol levels as there is big $$$ for big Pharma!!


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Heart Disease


A friend suggested to me to watch on Iview - episode 24 Heart of the Matter (part 1) on Catalyst Series 14  It was very interesting.

Fried eggs and bacon that have been demonised for so long are back on the menu! Whooohooo

Many in the medical profession have now concluded that it is “sugar” and carbohydrates that are the killer and that it is not cholesterol as we have had drummed into us for many decades.

Also the low fat products that have been produced by nearly every food manufacturer are actually worse for you as the fat is removed and replaced with……wait for it……….. ”sugar”!!

Our bodies have cholesterol in every cell of the body, they concluded that deaths were no different whether a person had a high reading of cholesterol or not and that it is actually sugars that cause inflammation and damage in the arteries.

They mentioned that there is nothing better than butter and that manufactured margarines are nothing but rubbish.

Not only over 10 years ago we found that gluten was detrimental to our health but also carbohydrates, so just feel soooo lucky that we have been living this way together with such good health.  We have not participated in the low fat regime either, thank goodness.

So once again it is great just to have “another” confirmation that we are on track   :)

The saddest thing is that it will take decades for the tides to turn and for the population’s to regain good health  :(







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Cauliflower fried rice

Cauliflower fried rice

We love fried rice, but on a low carb diet it is not possible to consume too much!

I have been playing around with a few different recipes and this has to be best I can come up with PLUS my husband came back for 2nds then 3rds if that is anything to say for it !!

Not only is it low carb but with the sauces that you can buy it is also gluten free and dairy free.

The basis recipe can then be added to however your tastes and diet go…..chicken, ham, prawns, capsicum, mushrooms, cabbage  etc etc the list is endless


Cauliflower Fried Rice

3 cups grated cauliflower

½ cup frozen peas or peas & corn

½ cup grated carrot

½ cup diced onion

4 cloves of garlic minced

½ tblspn olive oil

2 eggs beaten

3 tblspn soy sauce

1 tblspn oyster sauce



Oil a frypan and make an omelette with the eggs, remove and dice.

In frypan or wok sauté onion and garlic in olive oil until onion is clear and soft, add frozen peas and grated carrot and cook for a further  few minutes then add egg, cauliflower and sauces and cook for a further few minutes

NB. Cauliflower can be grated by hand or in a food processor.

This recipe will be a regular in our household :)


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Sugary drinks

Sugary drinks

After going to our local exercise classes this morning, I went with a friend to our favourite coffee shop for my usual “long black” and a game of “backgammon”…..the loser pays for the coffees! (I paid today :( )

We met up with another friend who’s husband is a Doctor and she was saying the he was going “crook” about advertising like the above in the newspapers.  Soft drink half price which only encourages more consumption.   Hadn’t thought about it before, but he sure has a point as many people would stock up and then probably consume more than usual.

Now that I am a “Grannie” (this new status from a week ago today……my youngest daughter and her husband had a beautiful healthy little son) my friend and myself went to a seminar at our local council chambers titled “Tasmanian Older Drivers”…..this being for over 55′s I just scraped in.

My age group 55-60 is actually one of the safer groups! together with learners as they are very cautious.

Lunch was supplied after – and what I am getting to is that there was not one thing for lunch that I could eat…..there was pizza, party pies, toasted sandwiches, cakes and slices.  I couldn’t believe the quantity that some people had on their plates.  If I had not worked out that my problem was gluten I too would have had a plate laden with these “goodies”  (and still been 30kg plus heavier and unhealthy).

The very foods that were offered at this seminar were the very foods that would put me to sleep, including once at the wheel of a car.  I just don’t get driver fatigue anymore.

So little old me came home and had some grilled bacon and tomato, plus a little Exotic Thai dip and a few gluten free crackers.



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Raw balls gluten free

Raw cocao flaxseed sesame chia balls

Nothing like finding an easy to make gluten free “raw” nutritious snack. The recipes are endless.

Today on deciding that I would like to make a nutritious treat and the fact that it is Sunday and we live 1 hour from a decent supermarket to get ingredients, it was a case of making raw balls with ingredients that I had.

I googled for recipes and after going through them I finally adapted an “easy” combination to suit!

I will just call them “raw balls”

60g linseed meal

40g sesame meal (you could use whole seeds)

2 Tblspn cocao (cocoa if not available)

2 Tblspn desiccated coconut

2 Tblspn chia seeds

6 medjool dates (diced and warmed so they soften)

2 Tblspn honey (raw if available)

Mix together ingredients in a food processor, roll into small balls and roll in a combination of coconut and chia seeds.

I started to mix the ingredients together by hand…….it was not going to happen!  So then put the ingredients into my food processor which was much less painful.

For variations of this you could add diced nuts, dried diced fruit.  Also could be rolled in crushed nuts.

If not binding together add a little more honey.  When made store them in the refrigerator  :)


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